BEECH PANEL 1-3/8" X 26.7" X 13.1'

Description: BEECH PANEL 1-3/8" X 26.7" X 13.1'
Price: $288.89/PC



Beech laminated veneer lumber
1-3/8" X 26.7" X 13.1" (35mm x 680mm x 4000mm)

Beech Panel used as Stairs Beech Panel used as seating

Where it Grows
Throughout the Eastern U.S., commercial concentration is in the Central and Middle Atlantic states. Average tree height is 120 feet. 0.4 percent of total U.S. hardwoods commercially available.

General Description
In the Beech Panel, the veneer layers are perpendicular to the surface. It can be used for furniture, table tops, stairs, wood flooring and other interior design features.

  • Can be machined and worked like glued laminated timber or solid wood
  • Unobtrusive line pattern opens up great design possibilities
  • Sanded surfaces are perfect for staining, waxing, oiling or painting

Working Properties
All drilling, cutting and edge finishing should be completed before surface treatment. Beech Panel behaves in a similar way to solid wood boards. After transport it is necessary to ensure that the material can adjust slowly to the workshop climate. This means that, after cutting to size, spacing sticks should be placed between the individual boards.

Longitudinal edges particularly with lengths of more than 2 m, do often not run exactly parallel to the laminations, so even after careful cutting (or parallel cutting) the glued joints become visible. If necessary, a solid wooden edge (e.g., made of beech sawn timber) can be glued on. If this is done with an automatic edging machine, it must be ensured that the glued surfaces of the edges have not been planed, but have a sanding pattern with a grit size of 40 or 60. The edges should be treated with an adhesive primer (e.g., Dorus ND 183 / 1). Even better results will be achieved through the use of a PVAC glue (D3 or D4).

In general, the technical guidelines for processing solid wood and solid wood boards apply to the Beech Panel. Fine joints between the veneers are characteristic of the material, and are inherent to the production method. They can remain visible even after varnishing. The surface treatment is the responsibility of the.